Website Hosting

Ensure your business is operating 24/7 online and becomes a resource that your customers can depend on!

Your website has a job to do

What will your website do for you and your customers? Do you need a strictly informational site, or are you looking to engage your customer base with a community-based site? Maybe your site needs to sell, or just get the word out. A good website is scalable, easy to use, stable, and custom fitted to your company.

There are a few different kinds of sites, and your business needs, website goals, and overall digital strategy will determine what kind is right for your business right now. The best part is that as your business grows, and your digital strategy unfolds, your Switchboard built website will grow and change with you.

Hosting Plans

Brochure Sites

An informational site is a great starting point. Connect to your customers with a professional digital presence that matches the quality of your products and services. Even a basic site still needs strong fundamentals: great design, easy navigation, compelling content, and a way to get in touch.

Membership Portals

Get Into A Deep Conversation With A Community Driven Site. Build brand loyalty, and make your website the go-to site for information in your industry. A community centered site will put you at the center of the conversation, and let you dig deep with your customers.

Digital Commerce

Get Down To Business With Online Commerce Tools That Work. User experience is key on a commerce site. You’ve got to make it easy for people to browse, view products, get information, and actually buy things. Streamlined shopping experiences reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase conversions. Yep, we mean you’ll sell more.