Content Marketing Starts the Conversation Right

Have you ever met someone new and thought, "She was so boring and withholding. I've just got to see her again!" Meaningful connections are built on great conversation, and content marketing is a conversation around your brand. Get talking!

Get Into a Great Conversation with Great Content

Have you ever met someone new and thought, “She was so boring and withholding. I've just got to see her again!”

Meaningful connections are built on great conversation, and great conversation comes from sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories freely, and listening in return.

Content marketing is that same process—a mutual interaction and rich conversation, centered around your brand.

Start long-term client relationships by building brand trust. Position your company as knowledgeable, friendly, sharing, and caring.

Content Matters: What Will You Say?

Content marketing is about starting a conversation, and connecting with your customers in ways that resonate with them. So, um, what should you talk about with your customers?

Share what you know, your enthusiasm for your work, ideas and tips – just about anything your audience will find useful, fun, or engaging.

A great content marketing strategy, grounded on sound messaging guidelines, makes it easy to generate great articles, info-graphics, videos, and more. Combine your content with the right digital tools to reach your audience, and you’ve got a winning strategy.

Hello, Anybody There? What is Your Content Marketing Saying?

When your customers look for information what do they find? If you've got little to say, they'll get the answers elsewhere. If you keep talking about topics that matter to your customers, the conversation has started.

Not so long ago, advertisers would interrupt what you were doing (watching television, listening to the radio, reading a magazine) to present a one sided message. They had a captive audience..

Digital communication has flipped the script.

People have shut out traditional “interruption” marketing, but are actively seeking information (about your industry!) online. Your customer’s aren’t waiting by the phone waiting for you to call, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit idly by waiting for them to call either.

Give them a reason to call. Give them something to pique their interest. Give them the engagement you’re looking for. Create content worth seeking out, with calls to action that create conversions.

Make a Statement with Useful Content

It’s true, in this social media world, everyone is clamoring for “shareable” content, the fun, sexy stuff that they’re hoping will “go viral.” There’s always room in the world for the fun stuff, but you can do more. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Contribute something real to the conversation. Make your company the go-to source for industry knowledge, and let your audience take you seriously. Make yourself useful, and give people a reason to keep coming back for more. Make them hungry for your knowledge and grateful for your generosity.

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