Send The Right Message With a Polished Brand

Get your company dolled up with new branding, but don't forget, it's about more than just good looks. A dashing logo is a great start, but your brand should be smart, have something to say too.

Send the Right Message with a Polished Brand

Some people wake up in the morning, grab something off the bedroom floor, and throw it on. Out the door, on to work. Others put together well-curated outfits that look effortless, yet polished.

What kind of impression do you want your brand to make? “I gave it a sniff test,” or “I make it look easy”?

If you’re in business, you have a brand, whether you like it or not. Using your “default brand,” the result of whatever bits and pieces of marketing you’ve done over the years, is the bedroom floor approach to branding.. Who would you hire – the wrinkled tee shirt guy or the pencil skirt gal?

I've Got a Logo; Isn't That My Brand?

What is a brand exactly? Is it a logo? Well, no, but that’s part of it. It’s the total package:your image, your message, and every interaction with your customers.

Your brand is the cumulative effect of every impression you make on people, from the first time they hear of you, to the last interaction you’ve had with them, whether that’s a package on their doorstep or a phone call with your sales team.

What do people say about your company? What images and ideas come to mind when they think of you? How do people interact with your company, and what kind of experience do you give them? That’s your brand.

How are you going to make a lasting impression? Switchboard will guide you through the whole process- from brand exploration to “total package.”

Don't Send Mixed (Brand) Messages

If you’re not consciously controlling your message and image, there’s sure to be conflicting brand ideas and experiences out there. If your brand isn’t consistent across the board, it breeds distrust and disconnects your customers from your company. The only thing that people do with dissonant messaging is walk away. They don’t know how to connect with you, because you haven’t been clear.

If you want to build strong connections with your customers, you have to build a consistent look, sound, and experience. Switchboard can help your company build a stand out brand. Contact Switchboard today to learn more about our branding services.