Websites that Just Don't Quit

What has that good-for-nothin' website done for you lately? If the answer's "not much," or "I don't know," you need help, fast. Your website needs to work for you.

Websites that Just Don't Quit

What has that good-for-nothin’ website done for you lately? If the answer’s “not much,” or “I don’t know,” you need help, fast. Your website needs to work for you.

You can have a dynamic, functional website that’s darn good looking, and well-spoken to boot. Get a website that you’re not embarrassed to take home to dinner, or to the CEO.

An outdated or difficult to use site can drive customers away. If your customers are finding “404” notices where their product description should be, or can’t find a way to contact you, you’ve got a problem. Your customers are looking for you online. Give them the brand experience they seek.

What Kind Of Work Will Your Website Do?

Give Your Customers the 411 with an Informational Site

An informational site is a great starting point. Connect to your customers with a professional digital presence that matches the quality of your products and services. Even a basic site still needs strong fundamentals: great design, easy navigation, compelling content, and a way to get in touch.

Say What You Want with a CMS Site You Can Update on the Fly

A content rich, easy to update site that meets your company’s and customers’ constantly changing needs is essential for growth. An integrated content management system (CMS) puts you in control, and lets you publish content that builds your reputation.

Get Down to Business with Online Commerce Tools That Work

User experience is key on a commerce site. You’ve got to make it easy for people to browse, view products, get information, and actually buy things. Streamlined shopping experiences reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase conversions. Yep, we mean you’ll sell more.

Get Into a Deep Conversation with a Community Driven Site

Build brand loyalty, and make your website the go-to site for information in your industry. A community centered site will put you at the center of the conversation, and let you dig deep with your customers.

You Can Have it All: Websites That Work for You

Get a website that works hard for your company, supports your growth, and makes you a star in the boardroom. Contact Switchboard today to learn more and put the right site to work for you.