Switchboard Email Marketing

Switchboard Email Marketing

Don’t Be Shy: Use Email Marketing to Stay on Their Minds

Does email marketing give you butterflies in your stomach?  What do you say?  Why should customers care?  Will three emails in a row make you sound desperate?  Will they like you!?!

Ditch the sweaty palms and get anemail marketing strategy that makes it easy to talk to your customers.

Be Unforgettable with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a versatile and easy way to connect.  Strategic email campaigns might be just the thing to keep you in their thoughts. The brand recognition and reinforcement you’ll garner when your name shows up regularly in their inbox simply can’t be beat.

Customized Emails: Make It All About Them

Everyone likes to feel special, so make your customers feel that way!  Show them that you know what they need and want, and what they really care about.  Here’s the great thing about email marketing these days: with smart data, segmentation, and more, you can make it really personal, and make your customers feel valued at every stage of the relationship.

Inbox Love: The Fastest Way to Your Customers’ Hearts

Do you want to know the best way into your customers’ hearts?  Charm them with your wit, class, and genuine interest, and deliver it right to their inbox.  Don’t quit there though.  The right email campaign can turn a single moment into a long-term relationship, so see where it takes you, and keep in touch.

Get a Bit Old Fashioned with Your 'Newfangled' Email Marketing

“Old fashioned” marketing techniques, like coupons and in-store promotions, are reliable sales drivers. Delivered through email marketing, you’ve got the power of time-tested promotions, with a digital reach. From special invitations and coupons, to limited time promotions, keep them close with something they can’t get anywhere else: exclusive offers.

Drive Them Back into Your Arms with Great Emails

An email marketing campaign designed around useful information that drives traffic back to your site, (ahem—your commerce ready, user-experience optimized site) can make a real impression.  When all of those pieces work seamlessly together, your brand experience can’t be rivaled.  A complete digital strategy, with email marketing driving traffic, is plain smart.

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